Thank you for choosing to be an influence in the lives of children with special needs. Providing interventions and in-home services for children with Autism can be on of the most influential and beneficial times in the lives of these children. We often get questions asking “What exactly is in-home service” and “What are interventions”. We are putting together a video series to better explain what this job entails and will be coming here shortly.

Until then we have a basic overview…

What do in-home Habilitation and Respite providers do?

Habilitation – Habilitation takes on a role of teacher and coach. A habilitation provider will spend anywhere from 1 hour to 20 hours a week in the home of the child teaching and coaching the child on goals. These goals are created by us (AACT team) and the parents. Once the goals have been established and agreed upon, the habilitation specialist will begin to work with the child. Examples of goals are

  • self-help skills (brushing teeth, tying shoes, etc…)
  • social skills (taking turns playing games, etc…)
  • communication skills (following directions, answering questions, labeling colors, letters, numbers, shapes, etc…)

During the times you are with the child you will coach/teach them on their goals as well as collect success rates (data). For example… if a goal is for a child to tie his/her shoe all by themselves. The provider would attempt to have the child tie their shoe (after showing them) and record if they were able to tie it or not. By keeping this information we are able to better align goals but also track and report progress to the parents.

Respite: Respite providers can spend as much as 1 hour a week up to 40 hours a week depending on the child and parent needs. Respite providers primarily care for the child while the parents get a break. Akin to babysitting, the Respite is often spent playing games, watching movies, coloring, and just having fun. However, the difference between babysitting and respite is the continued education and training and goals that the respite provider will have to better interact with the child.

What are the necessary trainings/certs to provide HAB/RSP?



The following trainings and certifications must be obtained and completed before any services (HAB/RSP) can be provided. These include
Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance: Simply go to any fingerprinting company (level 1) and have the service provided. These generally range from $50-$65. Reimbursement Available

CPR and First Aid Certification: Simply go to any agency that provides these certifications and complete the certification. These generally range from $40-$50. Reimbursement Available

Article 9 Training and Certification: Article 9 training was created by the state of arizona to focus on the state mandated rules and regulations to working with special needs children. Often times the State (DDD) pays for the childs services and therefore must ensure all regulations and requirements are being met. This generally ranges from $25-$30. Reimbursement Available

Habilitation Training: This is a training that is put on by AACT. We have a couple options to complete this training. We cover the basics of habilitation, interventions, goal setting, timesheets, certifications, risk mitigation, policy/procedure, and child safety. Think of it as an orientation. Currently, we will not be charging for this training, however, proof of attendance is a mandatory requirement of the state of Arizona.




More information coming soon

How do I apply?

After a phone interview we will email you a hiring packet. (if no email we can mail or arrange a pickup). This packet contains a list of necessary paperwork to fill out and a checklist of the certs from above. When we receive ALL paperwork and certifications we can begin pairing you with families! Keep in mind, we absolutely cannot start services without the certifications and training.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you!

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