Employee Referrals

We think you’re great and want more people just like you to come and join our team at AACT Arizona!  Tell your friends and family to apply with us and if they are hired and paired with one of our families we will pay YOU a $250 bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions

About employee referral

Who is eligible?

Any currently active employee of AACT Arizona who provides a quality referral

What is a quality referral?

A quality referral is any person not currently working for AACT Arizona who is hired after April 1, 2020 and pairs with one our families for at least 30 days

How do you let Human Resources know you’ve referred someone?
Please submit your referrals name to HR via the Form Below. Make sure the Referral has applied through our open job postings on www.indeed.com
When is payment made?
Your bonus will be applied to the first paycheck after your referral has met the 30 days worked qualification 
Am I eligible for the payout if I referred someone before April 1, 2020 and they are now working for AACT Arizona?
Unfortunately, any referral made prior to April 1, 2020 won’t be eligible for the bonus.
How many referrals can I make?
As many as you want! Remember though that you’ll only be paid for those referrals that meet the bonus qualifications.
Do I have to be working for AACT in order to receive the referral bonus?
Yes, you must be actively employed on the date of payout once you’ve made a qualified referral.

Refer Your Friends

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